7 Baking Tools and Equipment Every Pastry Chef Should Have

Baking tools and equipment that bakeries and restaurants should have.

Who doesn’t love a warm apple pie or a slice of gooey chocolate cake to cap off a filling meal? If you still aren’t sure if you should include baked goods in your restaurant menu, then maybe it is time to reconsider it. These food items can be served as appetizers or desserts, offering your customers variety of choices from your usual dishes.  

Additionally, it lets diners stay even longer in your establishment. Instead of them heading out to a dessert place, you can entice them to order from your offerings. Not only do you get extra sales, but you’re also enhancing their dining experience.  

So, before you figure out what types of pastries and baked goods to include in your menu, here are seven baking tools and equipment that you should purchase for your operational kitchen 

1. Oven

We can’t have bread, pie and other pastries without a piece of equipment that bakes them – the oven. This is the most important piece of equipment that you should have installed to start offering baked goods in the menu 

It’s essential that you invest in a high-quality oven, such as a convection oven, that will allow you to evenly bake a variety of food items at a faster time. Make sure to read the reviews or ask professional bakers for their recommendations in terms of a brand that’s going to last long and has a good after sales service 

2. Essential Bakeware 

These products will serve as the vessel for your pastry mixtures. Some basic versions you should have include baking dishes, bowls, cake pans, muffin trays and pie plates in different sizes. Some also come with reusable silicone baking mats, which you can utilise in place of parchment paper.  

Bakeware also comes in a variety of materials. Metal versions are great conductors of heat, while glass types let you see whether your food is baking properly. If you’re afraid of any metal or other potentially hazardous materials from being absorbed by the mixture, then you can choose silicone bakeware.

A hand holds mixer in a bowl of heavy cream.
An electric mixer is one of the most important baking tools and equipment that your restaurant should have. (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Electric Mixer 

In order for your restaurant to produce a big batch of baked items, it would be essential to use electric mixers. It gets the job done faster and easier than if you mix the dry and wet ingredients by hand.  

Make sure to purchase one that lets you interchange blades for specific uses, for instance, those used to beat eggs and to mix dough. Electric mixer also comes in two different types: the table bench and the commercial type for a larger batch that can process up to 15 liters. 

4. Cooling Rack 

Also called a wire rack, this tool serves as the final stop of any baked good before it goes out to your customers. You need a place where air can freely circulate both on top and under the food and prevent it from getting too moist, as no one likes a soggy piece of bread or pastry.  

5. Cookie and Biscuit Cutters 

To create the perfect-sized cookie, your kitchen staff would need to have these small baking tools. They come in many shapes and sizes, so feel free to buy as many as needed. They also make the pastry look appealing to diners, especially to young customers – if you have special shapes like animals, cars or even cartoon characters.  

Eggs and baking equipment spread out.
To produce baked goods, have measuring cups and other hand tools as part of your baking tools and equipment. (Photo: Shutterstock)

6. Measuring Baking Tools and Equipment 

As baking is an exact science, you need to be precise when following the recipe. This means you need the accurate weight and volume of your ingredients, down to the last gram or milliliter. You can achieve this through measuring cups and spoons, which will be the tool that your pastry chef is using most of the time.  

Check the range of proportions that you can do, so you don’t have to do any estimating or calculating. Additionally, use different sets for dry and wet ingredients. For liquids, it’s recommended to utilise glass cups for an easier read.  

7. Different Hand Tools 

Some of the basic hand tools that a pastry chef needs to have are as follows 

  • Wooden spoons and a whisk that are used for simple beating and mixing of ingredients
  • Offset metal spatulas that are used to spread the icing or frosting on cakes, and the rubber ones used to fold in dry ingredients into the mixture
  • Rolling pins to help flatten dough that can be used for pie crust or flat bread
  • A piping bag to decorate or add a bit of flair to any baked goods

If these baking tools and equipment are present in your restaurant kitchen, then you already have the basics covered. With these on hand, your pastry chef can certainly whip up and serve delicious baked goods for your loyal customers and diners.


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