Cooking Methods You Need to Know for Wholesome Eating

Techniques to nail the basics of wholesome eating.

There is a movement nowadays to go back to basics when it comes to eating. More consumers are turning away from processed food in favor of more natural and organic ingredients in their everyday meals. There is a movement towards wholesome eating and it would be best for restaurants to offer these options to their health-conscious clienteles 

There are ways to cook natural food without sacrificing its inherent nutrients. You can still serve dishes that are free of toxins and harmful substances while keeping it fresh and moist through these specific cooking methods.  


Contrary to popular belief, cooking food on a grill is a technique that promotes wholesome eating. This method adds a lot of flavor to your vegetables and meats even without adding oil or additives. It can even add a hint of smoky taste, making your dish more enticing to your diners.  

An alternative is grilling on a pan, which enables you to seal the flavor of the ingredient without the smoke coming from a charcoal.  

Steam Cooking Method

With only some boiling water, you can cook raw ingredients through the steam it lets out. You can steam vegetables, root crops and even meats; a healthier alternative to cooking by frying. This particular technique allows you to control the moisture and temperature of the food and maintain as many enzymes and nutrients in it.  

While a simple pot gets the job done, it would be advisable to purchase a heavy-duty food steamer in case you get a surge of orders of your steamed dishes.  

Steaming mantau in a restaurant kitchen.
Steaming is one of the oldest and the healthiest way on cooking. (Photo: Shutterstock)


Keep in mind that poaching is different from boiling and simmering. It involves submerging the food in water, stock, wine or milk, allowing it to cook for a few minutes at low temperatures. For added flavour, you can sprinkle your stock with Knorr Aromat Seasoning Powder so that its natural flavours can seep into the food like chicken.  

Wholesome eating seems to be a trend that is here to stay for as long as people aim to live healthier lifestyles. Take advantage of this and incorporate these cooking methods in your new menu offerings.


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