Different Types of Glassware to Pick for Your Restaurant

Different types of glassware you can use to serve drinks at your restaurant. It is essential to keep it elegant without breaking the bank.

Having different types of glassware to serve the drinks is important for a manager or business owner to think about when setting up a restaurant. The truth is, these liquid vessels can help give a good impression of your establishment to the customers. These can bring sophistication and elegance to your restaurant and show that you value high quality.

While they are aesthetically pleasing too look at, some glasses are meant for specific types of drinks. Using the wrong ones would affect not only the aroma and taste but also the whole experience of a diner.

So, if you’re planning to serve alcoholic drinks such as spirits and cocktails, or maybe already have a selection of wines in your menu, it’s best to know what types of glassware you should have ready before your establishment is open for public.

Glasses in different shapes filled with juice.
Different types of glassware to serve juices, water and other regular drinks. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Drinks served with meals

This type of glassware refers to regular glasses that come in different sizes and shapes. These can be tall or short, depending on your restaurant’s branding and theme. These are vessels where you serve water, flavored juice drinks, soda, and other popular drinks.

While this glassware may be the cheapest you can purchase, there are ways to elevate it and make it look fancy. You can serve water in goblets, which is a pretty common practice nowadays in food establishments. You can look for glasses with elegant designs as well. Some stores might offer special price for bulk purchase, so you can get them at a lower cost.

Empty wine glasses.
There are different types of glassware you can use just for wine. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Stemware for wine

Did you know that the type of glassware can affect the aroma, oxidation, and taste of your wine? That’s why you must have different kinds for the variety of wine that you’ll offer to your customers.

Wine glasses that have a rounder and larger bowl must be used with red wine. For sparkling wine, a flute glass which sports a taller and thinner bowl is recommended. On the other hand, you’ll need stemware with a smaller mouth for white wine.

Three glasses of cocktails in different shapes.
Cocktails and other liquor will also need different types of glassware. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Different types of glassware for liquors

This is also known as barware or the glassware that you use to serve alcoholic drinks and liquors. Again, this is dependent on the type of drink and the recommended serving size. Thinking of the kind of experience you want your diners to have, especially if they consume one-of-a-kind or specialty drinks.

There are shot glasses for tequila and mugs for beer. You can serve your mixed drinks in high ball glasses or martini glasses. For drinks served on the rocks like whiskey or scotch, short tumblers are the way to go. When there’s a celebration happening in your restaurant, you can pop the champagne bottle and serve it in champagne flutes.

Make sure to impress your diners and customers by having different types of glassware to use for the drinks you’re going to serve. Paying attention to this small detail would definitely worth the investment.


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