Sources of Kitchen Tools and Equipment in Manila

This article gives several location alternatives to buy kitchen tools and equipment in Manila.

Becoming a chef is more than just gathering the necessary skills and knowledge from culinary school. It’s about incorporating everything you have learned and putting it into practice. When you continuously prep and cook food, it becomes second nature to you, making it easier for you to begin working in restaurant kitchens.  

If you’re already a chef looking to open up your own food establishment, you would need high-quality equipment that won’t only help you serve your menu offerings, but also last a long time. They have to be worth the dollars you’ll be investing.

For those based in Manila, Philippines, here are some places you can go to in order to get important kitchen tools and equipment. 

Kitchen Tools and Equipment Dealers 

For high-quality food service equipment, it would be best to contact known dealers and retailers in the industry. These companies are the go-to sources for a number of well-known restaurants, fast food chains and hotels in the Philippines. Oftentimes, they do not only provide the actual piece of equipment, but also include installation and maintenance in their services too.  

MJD Industries Inc. is one company that offers stainless steel food service equipment. Based in Makati City, they can customize pieces according to your special requirements.  

Another provider that ilocated in Quezon City is Merit Stainless Steel who was initially involved in designing and manufacturing their own cooking equipment. Now, they become retailers of food processors, refrigeration tools, beverage supplies and other retail store items.  

If you’re looking for a dealer of well-known local and imported brands, then you need to call Universal Commercial Corporation. This distributor of kitchen, bakery and storage equipment is located in Pasay City and has spare parts of the products readily available, should the need arise. 

Cooking equipment being placed on a table beside a wall.
Large dealers and retailers are great sources of kitchen tools and equipment in Manila (Photo: Shutterstock)

Foodservice Mall 

Tucked away in San Antonio Village, Makati City is the Philippines’ first food service mall. This store is operated by Technolux which is the country’s largest importer and supplier of equipment in the food and hospitality industry.  

Mall of Kitchens is touted as a one-stop shop not only for heavy-duty kitchen equipment, but also for handheld tools, dinnerware, and tableware, to name a few. You can also purchase other merchandise, such as furniture that you can use in your own food establishment and at home.  

What’s great about this particular establishment is that it has a Test Kitchen facility. Through this space, you can try out the tools and equipment you’re looking to buy to see if it’s a good fit and will fulfill your needs. They also have an in-house barista, chef and Mod technologist to assist you and answer any questions you might have.  

Various professional kitchen tools.
You can find kitchen tools and equipment in other places in Manila besides the typical stores found in malls (Photo: Shutterstock)

Specific Areas for Other Kitchenware 

You can find a variety of tableware, glassware and kitchen tools if you look outside the typical mall or department store in Manila. Many of these places are tucked away in busy streets and may be a bit difficult to reachYet, the trip is well worth it for the wide range available and their affordable price tag.  

For starters, you can head to Divisoria, which is Manila’s biggest bargain shopping district. Here, you can scour the streets for cutlery, kitchen tools made of different materials, pots, pans, chopping boards, and ceramic dishes, just to name a few. You can buy them in bulk and if you’re good at haggling, you can even purchase them at a much cheaper price. Pro tip: more kitchen finds can be found on Juan Luna Street.  

There’s also a spot in Quezon City where chefs and restaurateurs often go to for unique tableware finds. If you’re looking for pieces that sell for less than PHP 100 each, then head to stall 40; while stall 4 showcases Japanese style teacups and tumblers. Wooden kitchen crafts and tableware can also be found in this area.  

Purchasing your own kitchen tools and equipment shouldn’t be very hard, especially if you’re based in Manila. There are more areas you can source from and it only takes a bit of research and asking around to know where they are. Knowing what tools and equipment you’ll need for your home kitchen or future food establishment will help narrow down your search.


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