Seven Filipino Breakfast Places to Visit for Inspiration in Manila

A list of seven Filipino breakfast places to visit for inspiration.

With more Filipinos having to leave home earlier to beat the morning rush, many are looking for dining establishments where they can have breakfast before heading to the office. It is a good idea to expand that breakfast menu to offer a wider variety of choices for today’s early risers. A Filipino breakfast will always be a popular choice because it is fast and filling. To garner inspiration for a solid breakfast menu, we have listed some restaurants in Manila to visit for inspiration.       

1. Rufo’s Famous Tapa 

The brand has been around since 1984 serving its famous Tapa, which is dried or cured beef, thinly sliced and fried or grilled. What makes their tapa different is that they serve it with a special sauce so it does not come out as dry. Their tapa, served fast food style with garlic rice and fried egg, is a favourite Filipino breakfast especially since it is an affordable choice.  

2. City Garden Grand

This hotel along Makati Avenue offers a Filipino brunch on Sundays, catering to the Balikbayan crowd who wants to enjoy home-cooked specialties on their staycations with their families. The chef cures his own tapa and tocino (sweet cured pork) and offers Filipino breakfast favourites such as longanisa (fried sausages), dried fish and squid among the choices. It is also a place where one can have a piping hot bowl of champurrado or chocolate porridge.          

3. Eggs for Breakfast

With its garden setting and its location in the hushed Eastern side of the metropolis, this dining establishment is a good place to have a relaxed breakfast that consists of egg dishes, as the restaurant’s name suggests. The food is more continental, with its omelettes and pancakes, but three of its highly recommended Filipino breakfast dishes include Grilled Chicken Tocino, Sirloin Beef Tapa, and Vigan Longanisa, each is served with two eggs and house made atchara (pickled vegetables).       

4. Manam

One of the restaurants that is updating its traditional Filipino breakfast favorites is Manam, and one of the updates is the champurrado. Traditionally it is a chocolate-based rice porridge. The Manam version uses ube for a different twist, making it appealingly purple in the process. While champurrado is often enjoyed with salted fish for a flavour contrast, Manam serves its ube champurrado with bacon wedges.  

5. Panaderya Toyo 

Panaderya Toyo is the hip version of the neighbourhood bakery, headed by young chefs who are updating local dishes with farm-to-table ingredients. Their Filipino breakfast items include a sandwich made with Smoked Tinapa and Smoked Cream Cheese with Tobiko and Crispy Fish, Scrambled Free-Range Eggs, Tortang Talong (eggplant omelette), and tomatoes. They have an array of fresh baked breads such as knotted pan de sal, pan mayaman and pan de campana, served with housemade butter. 

6. Commune CafeBar 

A glass of cappuccino.
Coffee plays a big part of the Filipino breakfast and more customers are now looking for local blends. (Photo: Shutterstock)

This establishment is a proud supporter of Filipino coffee. Its blends come from different parts of the country and are sourced straight from Filipino farmers. Those who want to learn more about local beans and their resulting brew can enrol in their coffee classes. As for the Filipino breakfast dishes, they offer Pork LonganisaTocino, Beef Tapa, and fish dishes Bangus ala Pobre and crispy fried Danggit. 

7. Kamuning Bakery 

The Kamuning Bakery is proudly creating artisanal breads that are baked in a pugon or traditional wood oven. It is considered a local landmark as well because it is said to be the oldest bakery in Quezon City and was favoured by Manila’s illustrious families. It has over 40 kinds of breads, along with cookies, pies, and cakes at very affordable prices, waiting to be enjoyed with a cup of Benguet bean brewed coffee.


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