No-bake Desserts That Use Mayo as a Secret Ingredient

Some no-bake desserts using mayo as a secret ingredient.

Desserts are time consuming, even for a pastry chef. There are some shortcuts, however. These no-bake recipes are perfect for a busy restaurant with limited kitchen appliances or with a small work space. One surprising secret weapon in the harried pastry chef’s arsenal is mayonnaise, which adds a level of richness and creaminess to generally sweet desserts. Mayonnaise is easy to work with and creative way for a pastry chef to play with flavour and texture.

Let’s take a look at some recipes.

1. Fruit Salad Mayonnaise

Fruit salad is easy addition to any restaurant’s dessert menu – and no burners are needed! The key to making a great food salad lies in the freshness of the fruits you’re using. Pastry chefs also need to focus on balance, as each type of fruit has a different texture and flavor, as well as toppings, and this is where mayonnaise comes in. Combine it with icing sugar and fold it into fruit salad to elevate the dessert’s texture and flavor, just like Dutch grandmothers like to do.

2. Chocolate Mayo Mousse

Two glass of chocolate pudding.
Mayonnaise adds a rich texture to no-bake desserts (Photo: Shutterstock)

Originating in France, this rich, decadent finale to a meal is an all-time dessert favorite. An excellent mousse must be creamy – a quality that comes from whipped egg yolk, whipped cream, chocolate and butter. But what if a pastry chef wants to add more flavor while keeping things simple? Try swapping out whipped egg yolks and butter with mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is essentially whipped egg yolk and oil – and if you want the mousse to be firmer or add a nutty almond taste, incorporate Carte D’Or Almond Flavored Gulaman into the recipe.

3. Mayo Ice Cream

Ice cream in a mug poured with nutes.
Mayonnaise ice cream is a must-try for adventurous palates. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Ice cream is a blank culinary canvas that lets chefs experiment with unique flavors, like salted egg. In Spain, which is known for its excellent olive oil, some chefs even incorporate olive oil into ice cream for a herbaceous aroma. So why not try mayonnaise? Mayonnaise has similar base ingredients, like egg yolk, and offers a hint of citrus to balance the sweet taste of the ice cream. It has a subtle umami flavor that is a pleasant match to the creaminess of the milk.

So let your versatility with mayonnaise show your diners how creative your dining experiences can be.


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