The Art of Plating Pork Recipes with Sauces

The addition of savoury sauces and sides can transform a plate of cooked meat into a delectably edible work of art.

When pork is cooked right, it has an appetising richness, tender texture, and delectable sweet and savoury flavour that makes diners keep coming back for more. However, it can also be a challenge to plate and, sometimes, even the most experienced chefs and restaurateurs can find themselves in a conundrum as to how to best present the meat to their patrons. 

The addition of side dishes can help bolster the sensory appeal of pork, while items like Knorr Barbecue Sauce can go a long way in improving both appearance and taste. Keeping that in mind, here are a few ideas to step up serving pork recipes with sauces. 

1. As a Finishing Brush

American-style barbecue ribs have become a staple in many western-themed restaurants that are known to serve their family-style dishes. Here, using Knorr Barbecue Sauce both in the cooking and garnishing process helps a great deal in enhancing the pork. Used for basting while grilling, the sauce imparts a tangy sweetness and a hint of smoky flavour to the dish. Brushing the meat with the sauce before serving results in a beautiful glazed appearance, especially if the meat is plated on a wooden serving board or trencher – a grand centrepiece for a shared meal. 

2. A Fruity Finish with Apple Sauce

In many European cuisines, apples are considered the perfect partner for pork. The smoky flavour of bacon chops or gammon (dry-salted/brined pork leg) steaks is brought to the fore by the addition of apple sauce in a large part of the United Kingdom where the dish satisfies hearty appetites in autumn and winter. Roast pork loin is also accompanied by apple sauce in many parts of Europe, and caramelised apples are considered an appropriate garnish for the meat in the French province of Alsace and in many areas of Germany. 

Pork ribs with sauce.
Pork has a natural sweet flavor, making them as a versatile dish to be paired with different kinds of sauces (Photo: Shutterstock)

3. Pairing with a Pickled-based Sauce

In Germany, gnagi or a whole pork knuckle is poached with aromatics and served as is or baked until the skin crisps up into crunchy crackling. Either way, its traditional partner is sauerkraut (pickled cabbage seasoned with juniper berries and caraway seeds). The sharp sourness of the ‘kraut serves as a counterpoint against the rich taste of the meat. and keeps it from cloying on a diner’s palate. Korean kimchi pretty much serves the same purpose when served as one of the plates of banchan, a small side dishes that accompany platters of samgyupsal (pork belly). The spicy sharpness of the kimchi cuts through the fatty richness of the pork, while its assortment also adds textural interest to the meal. 

4. With Its Own Jus 

A whole roast pig serves as a magnificent centrepiece of many banquets and buffets around the world. The beautifully burnished pork is served on a massive platter or tray in the center of a service area (in the case of a buffet or as part of the display of dishes in a banquet) and garnished with a whole apple in its mouth with the sauces served in small dishes to one side. Usually the sauce served with this whole hog is a reduction made from the jus that dripped during the roasting process.


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