New Ways to Reinvent Salted Egg Dishes

Salted egg is a hot Southeast Asian food phenomenon this year. This is a list of new ways to cook salted egg dishes in restaurant scale.

Salted egg is a delicacy that originated in China centuries ago as a way to preserve food while giving richer flavors and denser textures. The technique calls for either brining duck eggs, or encasing duck eggs in charcoal, for about four weeks, until the yolks turn bright yellow – and have a taste that’s like parmesan, described as oily, grainy and full of umami.  

Salted eggs have long been a Filipino staple, served halved on a red shell with tomatoes and onions as ensalada, a companion for fried fish. The current craze for this delectable started in 2015, when salted-egg potato chips made their debut. Since then, chefs have been searching out ways to harness the rich flavors of salted egg yolks, devising everything from appetizers to desserts.  

Although salted eggs bind easily with many ingredients, the challenge for chefs has been finding consistent supply. One way of ensuring that each salted egg dish comes out perfectly is to use Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powderwhich is convenient to handle, saves on cost and keeps quality consistent. 

Here are some suggestions to expand salted egg recipes beyond potato chips. 

1. Salted Egg Fries  

Amazed diners by riffing on French fries or shoestring potatoes and add salted-egg powder or a drizzled salted-egg sauce. Serve the sauce on the side for those who prefer to dip. To make the salted egg runny, combine with mayonnaise or freshly made hollandaise sauce. 

2. Pasta with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce 

Pasta in white plate above gingham napkin.
Salted Egg Yolk Pasta is a great example that we can mix Asian flair with Italian gourmet. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Add a different dimension to cream-based pasta sauce with salted egg yolk flavoringIt will give a nice roundness to the sauce, along with a noticeable texture that will contrast nicely with the cream. For the pasta, look for a shape with more texture, like fusilli or penne, to trap the creamy sauce and give diners a fulfilling experience.  

3. Salted Egg Rice 

Filipinos love to flavor rice to give a boost to their meals. Salted egg rice will pair perfectly with many local dishes, especially fried fish or meats. It’s also a good way to dress up breakfast offerings, as the flavor profile goes well with tapa or tocino, instead of the usual pairing with steamed jasmine rice. 

4. Salted Egg Fish Fillet 

Salted egg chips and salted egg fish skin have definitely changed the game. Now, give fried white fish a level up on flavor with a sauce based on salted egg. It’s a quick and satisfying dish, especially when using Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder, which will cut cooking time more than half, when compared to starting from scratch. 

5. Salted Egg Bibingka 

Salted egg toast in white plate.
The golden color of salted egg yolk makes for inviting presentations. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Bibingka is a well-loved Pinoy pastry that is especially popular during the Christmas season. This traditional Filipino rice cake is often topped with some queso de bola, bacon and salted egg bitsYou can make the treat even more special with the addition of a salted egg yolk spread instead of margarineor combine the two for a salty/creamy duetDon’t forget the grated coconut topping 

6. Salted Egg Toast 

Since one or two years ago, salted egg lava croissants were all the rageWe can also explore the same treatment for salted egg yolk toast that is visually appealingpacked with umami flavors from eggs, butter and milk, and boasts a nice crispiness from the toast. The combination will ensure that your restaurant’s breakfast menu will never be the same again. 

7. Salted Egg Pako Salad 

Pako salad is a mix of crisp, freshly gathered fiddlehead ferns, typically served with tomatoes, onions, and salted egg, as a companion to fried Filipino food. It is usually drizzled with a vinaigrette and this is where salted egg sauce can be used as a substitute, with its golden, rich sauce giving a creamy, savory profile to the dish.  

The key to mastering these recipes is consistency, since guaranteeing the taste of salted eggs is tricky. If you standardize using Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder, you might be able to craft some iconic stand-outs for your restaurant. Good luck. 


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