5 Unique Drink Menus to Create with Lipton Green Tea

Highlighting Lipton Green Tea to create creative drinks menu that can easily be replicated by any restaurant.

In a restaurant, the beverage is as important as the food. Both of them complement each other and inseparable. One of the most popular beverages in the world today is green tea. But the question is how to make green tea drink no longer a boring and attractive as any other unique beverages and help to contribute a significant number to the restaurant’s income? By using Lipton Green Tea, a restaurant can create an innovative drink menu that not only looks appealing but also flavorful.

Here are some ideas restaurant owners can implement in their restaurant to create vibrant beverages.

Iced Pomegranate Green Tea

Pomegranate green tea is a creative way to add Mediterranean freshness to your regular tea drink. The recipe will only require you to combine Lipton Green Tea, ice-cold water, flower honey (a more fragrant version of honey compared to forest honey), and fresh pomegranate juice. The combination of earthy Lipton Green Tea with distinct tanginess of pomegranate will complement each other.

Jasmine Ice Green Tea

How when elegant subtle aroma of jasmine combined with a fresh taste of green tea? This drink requires only a minimum of ingredients. Using hot water, add Lipton Green Tea to infuse well. When the tea starting to go lukewarm, add several cloves of jasmine flower so the aroma intensifies. Add a slight amount of sugar ice cube. The result: two of Asia’s best tea flavor in one drink.

Honey and Berry Green Tea

Fresh berries has only subtle aroma yet slightly sweet and tangy flavor matches well with thin grass aroma of green tea. To make this even more special, add honey instead of sugar for sweetener. To make this drink, combine hot water with Lipton Green Tea, let it infuse. Then when its lukewarm, add fresh strawberries and blueberries so their flavor penetrates the liquid slowly without breaking the texture. Add honey to your likeness and ice and now you have a perfect thirst quencher to be added to the beverages menu.

Lipton Green Tea with berries.
Balance combination between fresh berries and Lipton Green Tea is essential to achieve ultimate freshness on this drink. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Mint Green Tea

The cool sensation of mint leaf and green tea matches well when being combined in the right consistency as both items naturally have a strong and intense flavor. The best way to make this tea is to brew Lipton Green Tea with hot water and add sugar. Put ice cubes and slightly crushed few mint leaves. Let the drink sits for 30 minutes in the fridge to intensify the aroma.

Green Tea Lemonade

How to make a super-fresh version of green tea? Combining it with all-time-favorite lemonade is the way. Make the lemonade the usual way, add several zest of lemon and add in Lipton Green Tea. The acid from lemon will help to extract green tea so it will infuse the drink. Ask the server to suggest to the guest to have this cold green tea lemonade with spicy food, a match made in heaven.

Three glasses of iced tea with lemons.
Lipton Green Tea balance the acid flavour of orange in the orange citrus green tea drink. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Orange Citrus Green Tea

Have you noticed that orange actually matches with green tea? Orange not only has its iconic citrus aroma and flavor but also naturally sweet. Adding fresh orange and some of its juice to a glass of cold Lipton Green Tea will bring the beverage to the next level.


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