Mastering Beef Recipes: Prepping Brisket with Rub

Making dry rub for beef brisket.

Beef is already tasty on its own because of its natural juice. However, we can still do something to elevate its flavour by seasoning it with dry rubs, which is typically a combination of spices, herbs, and other condiments that can give your recipe the kick it needs to amplify the taste.

Dry rubs are great to use in a busy restaurant kitchen as you only need to apply it shortly before cooking the meat. Usually, 30 minutes is all you need before grilling or frying beef coated with a dry rub – no need for longer marinating times for the combination of flavours to seep in.

Dry rub will make a crispy, textured, and caramelized skin or exterior that’s going to taste great and look good on the plate. Additionally, this type of rub doesn’t add moisture to the meat as a liquid variant would and effectively seals in the heat and juiciness of the meat.

If you want to improve the beef recipes in your restaurant or offer something new to your clientele, here’s a spice rub that you can use in any recipes with beef as the main protein.

Dry rub for beef recipes being served in a bowl.
Amplify the flavours of your beef recipes by using a dry rub. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Beef Brisket Recipe with Rub

One example is beef brisket seasoned with a spiced dry rub – which gives the meat a nice punch of flavour. To create the rub, combine salt, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, coriander seeds, cumin, paprika, Morita powder, chile de Arbol, and Knorr Aromat Seasoning Powder. This mixture lends a spicy and smoky aroma and taste.

Once the dry rub is ready, it’s time to coat your beef brisket. Use your hands when applying the rub, massaging it onto the meat, so all the flavours get absorbed better. Leave it for a few hours before cooking to trap in moisture. Then, place it inside a smoker and slow cook it for twelve hours, retaining a temperature of 94 degrees. Serve the dish with gravy, and potatoes, and garnish it with caramelized onions.

Dry rubs are perfect to use on chicken or beef. There’s a wide variety of herbs, spices, and aromatics to choose from, so you can keep exploring something new to your customers.


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