Healthy Vegan Recipes Using Coconut Milk

Healthy vegan recipes using coconut milk.

The popular wisdom is that vegan substitutes are no replacement for the real thing – but that’s a misconception. There are many, many absolutely delicious recipes that use neither meat nor dairy. It’s not just vegans saying this; diners of every taste agree that plantbased dishes are healthy, flavourful and tasty. 

One versatile ingredient common to vegan recipes is coconut milk. This dairy alternative is rich in healthy fats, amino acids, and minerals. It’s also a fantastic substitute for cream when you’re making soups, stews and desserts.  

Coconut milk is an easy way to make vegan-friendly dishes part of any menu – and to attract diners who are health conscious or who have strict diets. Here’s a few ideas to get you started. 

1. Filipino Dishes 

Filipino cuisine, other than carnivorous delights like sisig or adobo, has long been vegan friendly, and coconut milk has long been used when making many local dishes.  

One popular and appealing recipe for Filipino taste buds is ginataang gulay, or vegetables in coconut milk. Here’s how to make it. Over a low heat, cook up some squash, string beans (sitaw), chilli peppers and moringa leaves (malunggayand add coconut milk 

Another local dish is laing, made of dried taro leaves, coconut milk and spices. For some extra kick, add ginger or chilli  and if you’re making big batches, try Knorr Aromat, which contains real herbs and spices. 

Vegetable curry in a pan.
Instead of using regular cream, try coconut milk in curry-based dishes. (Photo: Shutterstock)

2. Curry Dishes 

For filling meal, you can’t go wrong with curry, which is why this Indian dish is a perennial favourite for diners. Veganism is one of the cornerstones of Indian cuisine, so it’s not hard to find an acceptable recipe. However, if you’re using a premade current paste or powder, check the ingredients to make sure that its vegan friendly. 

Our pick? Try cahana masala, which highlights chickpeas and gives the dish a crunchy texture. You can also whip up a meat-free version of Thai red curry using jerk sweet potato. Don’t forget to add a heap of vegetables, like carrots, spinach, or potatoes.  

3. Dessert Creation 

It’s the end of the meal and you don’t want to forget your vegan diners or those with dairy allergies. This is where coconut milk comes in. It’s natural sweetness, mellow taste, and creamy texture are ideal.  

Halo-halo dessert in a glass jar.
‘Halo Halo’ Dessert consisting of shaved ice and coconut milk along with various ingredients. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Coconut milk is an excellent base for ice cream and tastes delicious when paired with chocolate or vanilla. You can also use coconut milk when crafting cupcakes, puddings, tarts or smoothies. Add some  sprinkled coconut shavings for an extra touch. 

Catering to vegans and health-oriented diners makes good sense for any restaurant. Make sure your pantry is stocked with coconut milk and experiment with this versatile and tasty ingredient.


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