Plating and Dressing Pork Tonkatsu in Beautiful Classic Way

Tips on how to plate pork tonkatsu.

Restaurant serving Japanese cuisine has been a pretty familiar sight in the Philippines for years now, catering to people who are looking for the distinct flavors that these particular recipes bring. It wasn’t challenging to provide to the Filipino palette, primarily since Japanese food features Asian tastes that are similar yet unique at the same time. 

Get More Ideas on Pork Tonkatsu 

One of the most favorite dishes that Filipinos keep coming back for is pork tonkatsu. People come back with good reason as pork is popular meat consumed in the country. If you’re thinking of including this in your menu offerings, you need to take special care into its presentation besides the taste. Doing the plating well is going to appeal your real diners, and it may even attract new customers, once the former shares photos of the meal on social media.  

Here are some tips for dressing up a pork tonkatsu dish.

Start preparing the serving plate while you wait for the tonkatsu to finish cooking. Take a big spoonful of sliced white cabbage and serve it as a side dish. Drizzle sweet ginger sauce on top, then place a small drop of mustard on the side.  

Once the pork cutlets are perfectly cooked, take them out of the deep-fryer and let it rest for about thirty seconds, allowing the meat to cook some more. Slice the piece, ensuring that the crusty outer layer is not broken. Place them on top of a stainless half-moon net to keep it crispy, tender, and fresh. Lastly, pour the tonkatsu sauce on the meat and place a lemon wedge to complete the presentation 

Another way is to put the sliced pork cutlets on a bed of hot white or brown rice. We can create a unique sauce by adding Knorr Demi-Glace as an additional kick in its flavor. For diners who would like to use a different sauce, you can pour in the mixture in a separate bowl instead.  

When dressing up a pork tonkatsu plate, you don’t want to mix the different elements of the dish. Keep them organized not only for aesthetics but also to keep the pork cutlet and the side cabbage crispy and fresh.


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